Who is MAUK

Image showing the Introduction of powered drilling.The Mining Association of the United Kingdom (MAUK) was founded in August 1946 as the British Overseas Mining Association. It took its present name in 1976 following the merger with the United Kingdom Metal Mining Association.

Today MAUK members are the non-energy industrial mineral underground companies.

When MAUK was founded ithe issues it mainly dealt with on behalf of its members were mainly oversaes taxation. Now the issues centre around Environment and Health & Safety.

The Association was established to represent and promote the interests of the industry.  This remains its mission today.

MAUK is consulted direct by Government Departments and other authorities on proposed changes in legislation and regulation that may affect the industry.

MAUK is also represented on the Minerals Committee of the CBI. Through this involvement it contributes to representations in respect of proposals for European and domestic legislation.  Membership of this committee enables MAUK to share information with representatives of the minerals sector.  Similarly its participation in the UK Minerals Forum (UKMF) enables it to share information with other stakeholders with an interest in the mineral setor, such as Government Departments, Devolved Assemblies, Planning Officers, Environment Agency and NGOs such as English Heritage, Council for the Protection of Rural England, Council for National Parks.

Image of a modern drilling machine.The Association is also a member of Euromines (the European Mining Federation) and values the access and links to European Commission legislative procedures, which this brings. The majority of new legislation which has impact on the mining sector originates in Brussels. Therefore the Association is committed to participating in Europe.